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Glad Tidings from Glastonbury

For the third year running we are soaking up the atmosphere of the Greenpeace field at the biggest festival of the year – Glastonbury! Not only are we feeding throngs of hungry revellers, but we are having fun ourselves despite the punishing hours, sore feet and desperate desire to escape and see some bands or do some dancing – roll on the wee hours for that!

We’re serving up what has been described by customers as a F****** Delicious breakfast – available ALL DAY:

Welsh Leek Haggis Sausage, Patatas Bravas, Smoky Beans – with a sage sizzled fried egg (or without for vegans)

Also available throughout the day and into the night:

Taster Plate…Summer Pea Pakora, Beetroot Bomblet, Griddled Haloumi with Bulgar & Slaw Salads

Tandoori Chickpea Burger with Mango Dressing, Micro Leaves & Slaw

Spiced Haloumi, Orange & Coriander Burger with Bulgur & Slaw Salads

We’re hoping as many people as possible visit the Greenpeace field and support their work defending the Great Barrier Reef  from coal companies destroying the sea bed, home to humpback whales, turtles and clownfish:

“The Greenpeace Field at Glastonbury this year highlights the plight of our oceans. It will show the scale of the monster trawlers that hoover up vast quantities of fish, invite you inside the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef against a back drop of skaters, slides, showers and songs from some of the hottest new talent around.”




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  1. Fiona B says:

    My friends and I visited the parsnip shop late Sunday night at glastonbury. We were all gutted that we had not visited earlier on in the festival. The food was amazing!!! Loved the taster plate. We also got some freebies which we took up to the glastonbury sign and munched on looking out over the festival. The food was beautiful and you were all so friendly and welcoming! We will definately be hunting out the parsnip ship again! We are excited you have an online shop too!
    Thanks for the great food !

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