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This year has been tough for everyone, so for our Christmas offerings this year we’ve decided to support some of our friends by including their products in our Christmas Treasure Chest and Christmas Survival Kit:

  • A wonderful Plum Chutney made by Goldie, Suki & Tee from Samosaco (PLUS a recipe for turning this into a fabulous gravy to go with our nut roasts)
  • THE most delicious Organic Blackcurrant & Vanilla Jam made by Helen & Pete of Pencae Mawr Farm (We have had to hide the stock of this amazing jam because Ben, our founder just cannot resist stealing it to go on his crumpets!)

At The Parsnipship, just as important as helping our friends is looking after our planet, so this year we’ve made a massive effort to improve the eco-friendliness of the packaging we use. ***** Update – unfortunately due to too many people either trying to save the planet by avoiding polystyrene or shopping online there is a UK wide shortage of cardboard! Our suppliers told me at the end of last week that they cannot fulfill my order (which they’ve had for some time) for Envirocool boxes so we are stuck with polystyrene for another year! We are SO SORRY about this – we really had hoped to be doing the earth a favour this Christmas*****

It has long been a source of shame and regret that we have been using polystyrene boxes to send our parcels out – although these boxes are technically recyclable, many councils will not collect them at the kerbside, so they will often only get recycled if you make a trip to a specialist recycling centre.

In the past we made this choice because we know they keep our products cool well and to try and keep costs down, but this year we have decided some thing has to change!

Although at the moment it is still price prohibitive to send all our orders in new eco-friendly packaging, we are taking the step of introducing the use of Envirocool boxes for both of our Christmas offerings. These can be recycled AT THE KERBSIDE with your normal cardboard.

We’re also using woodwool from a sustainable source in Wales as another way of reducing our impact on the planet. Take a look at the image from our supplier Great British Woodwool in the gallery to see how much woodwool is created from a 10kg log from a sustainably managed forest – this amount will do all our Christmas packaging and probably half of our orders for 2021 too!

This year our Christmas offerings will contain full information and instructions as to how to recycle or reuse the packaging that lands on your doorstep with our products. These changes have had a little bit of an impact on the prices we need to charge, but hopefully you’ll agree that it’s worth it!


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