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The Parsnipship Crew Arrive at Glastonbury

Weeks of preparation and finally The Parsnipship has sailed into Somerset and we’re very happy to be back at Glastonbury Festival for our second year in the Greenpeace Field.

Whether you are lucky enough to be at the festival yourself or not, we hope you enjoy a glimpse of our festival experience so far…

It’s been a long road to get here, our crucial fridge vehicle broke down in a serious way a week or two back and the aptly named “Vantastic” from South Wales came to the rescue with a brand spanking new van for us to hire – it’s so neat and tidy we were a little bit scared to drive it – but it got us here in one piece and is keeping our produce nice and cool in this gorgeous heat (long may it last…).

The first couple of days for us here at Glastonbury mean setting up our stall and starting to prepare the dishes we’re going to be serving up from TODAY – (yey, market inspection all done and dusted!):


Glamorgan Crumble with Horseradish & Bulgar Wheat Salad & Slaw

Haggis Sausage (vegan), Potato Scone, Griddled Mushrooms, Onions & Smoked Ketchup (vegan)

Summer Vegetable Pakoras with Bulgar Wheat Salad & Slaw & Harissa dressing (vegan)

Indian Spiced Cothi Valley Haloumi & Coriander Burger with Bulgar Wheat Salad & Slaw

Meanwhile all around, the final touches are being made to the Greenpeace field – the whopping great big Polar Bear Aurora, created for  Greenpeace which you might have seen on it’s journey through London last September takes centre stage and has been growling beautifully already.

It’s been a big job for the Greenpeace team putting the field together but now the Rainbow Warrior Skate Park is in place, and the stalls are looking fantastic too. We’ll be sharing lots of photos and action from the field over the next week – so come and have a look  when you can!



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  1. Bear says:

    We enjoyed your delicious Haloumi burgers every day at Glastonbury last weekend, they were so good! Wondering if you could share the recipe so we can recreate at home? Thank you! 🙂

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