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Refugee Community Kitchen – Calais

The Refugee Community Kitchen Calais and beyond!

You may or may not be aware that we’ve been helping out where we can with the refugee crisis over in Calais: we help send volunteers and aid to the Refugee Community Kitchen in Calais…we will continue to provide support for the humanitarian crisis until European governments step up to the plate!

Along with friends and colleagues from Riverside Community Market Association, we have formed the Riverside Refugee Community Kitchen

From Syria through Greece and onwards the crisis is being ‘handled’ by volunteer organisations: all volunteer organisations, micro-businesses and individuals with very little money and we all just about manage to ‘create the time.’ At The Parsnipship we are ashamed to call ourselves European (that doesn’t mean we are anti-European – quite the contrary: you have to be in it: to change it!) but we are proud of our Welsh compassion! We have set up a refugee stall next to ours at Riverside Market in Cardiff, every week to raise awareness and collect donations. If you feel you can help, in any way, get in touch and we can point you in the right direction. Volunteering – more than any donation – really can change your life!


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  1. Anthea Guthrie says:

    Hi are you taking blankets atm?

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