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The Parsnipship unveiled at the Secret Garden Party

Ta da!!

All the weeks of planning and hard work have come together in a few days of chaotic creative explosions and at last we can reveal our stall for the Secret Garden Party this weekend.

The festival theme this year is “the end of the yellow brick road” and our vision of this might give you an idea of how much time we have spent contemplating the insides of our variously troublesome vehicles the last few weeks and the worry they have given us about whether we would ever travel again…

But, we made it and you’ll find us near the Big Wheel!

Marvel at these fantastic photos of our team’s hard work turning our creative genius’s ideas into reality!

If you can’t quite make out the menu in the photos, here it is in it’s full glory, we’ll be serving from 12 noon today throughout the festival:

Glamorgan Crumble with Slaw & Bulgar Salad & Dijon Crème Fraîche
Spiced Haloumi Burger with Slaw & Bulgar Salad & Orange Dressing

All Day Breakfast – Haggis Sausage (vegan), Smoked Beans, Patatas Bravas with or without Sage-fried free range egg

Taster Plate: Mini beetroot Bomb, Summer Pakora, Griddled Haloumi with Slaw & Bulgar salad


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  1. Flo says:

    Hey – thank you Carli! It’s great to know we made your tummies happy. Our recipes are a closely guarded secret – we can only share them in Klingon:
    leeks, qe’rot ‘oQqar, cheddar nIm wIb ngogh lan tIr ngogh crumbs Hoch nItebHa’ qaStaHvIS ratio jenDaq HuS meQbogh

  2. Carli says:

    My boyfriend and I had the taster plate and Glamorgan Crumble…. it was our FAVOURITE meal of SGP, and we even went to Soulfire. Mouth-wateringly delicious! Well done 🙂 recipe please?? xx

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