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Our Sustainable Business Review

Sustainability is a subject close to our hearts here at The Parsnipship and we are always keen to find new ways of testing and proving ourselves as a sustainable business. Earlier this year we agreed to become a case study for a project run by Ecostudio that has developed a toolkit that allows food businesses to benchmark their sustainability.

Alongside helping to develop the toolkit for other businesses, this work has involved thinking about how we are integrating sustainable practices into our business activities, looking into what we are doing currently and assessing our plans for the future. The result is our Sustainable Business Review report which is freely available to those who are interested in knowing more about how we run our business and the values which underpin everything we do.

The practical use of this review is to give us a benchmark against which we can measure our progress. Over the coming months we will be sharing details of how we are getting on through our website and via social media. It’s important for us to hear what others think about some of the approaches we are taking to become a more sustainable business, so please do get in touch.

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