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The Parsnipship 10 Years on… #VeggieVignette (01)

Here at The Parsnipship we can hardly believe it but it’s a whopping 10 years since Ben first braved the elements at Riverside Farmers Market.

As a little treat we’ve dug out some old pics to give you a glimpse of our voyage so far, and we’re going to pepper our blog posts with these gems throughout 2017.

To kick off our 10th year we’ve chosen the very 1st snap of Ben looking eager and a little chilly at Riverside Farmers Market,  way back at the start of 2007, as he tempted the good people of Cardiff with our vegetarian creations. 

Back in those days Ben cooked at home in our tiny kitchen. He decided what to make, while he was making it, which is very much his preferred way of working. Another unknown quantity was just how much washing up he would create. Suffice to say, the launch of The Parsnipship and the arrival of our first baby meant life was a tad chaotic… Not much different from now in fact! 

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