pioneering vegetarian produce

Your Basket


The Parsnipship can’t be everywhere at once – but our food can!

Our unique and original food is now matched with a very different way to think about your big day.

We prepare and cook, arrange delivery direct to your venue & you (or more likely the venue or your trusty family & friends) reheat (or serve cold where an oven isn’t an option) and serve. The food is delivered on the morning of the event, in temperature controlled boxes so there’s no need for expensive refrigeration equipment.

Simply choose your options from the menu boards in the photo gallery to suit your budget and taste. You can choose as many or as few options as you like…and even add a particular item for later in the evening.

This works really well for people who want something a bit out of the ordinary for their wedding/event, both food-wise and venue-wise.

Please contact us at for more information and to discuss your requirements with Ben, who has catered for weddings and special occasions for over 20 years – in tents up Welsh mountains, huge marquees in Bute Park, in teepees, cowsheds and grand country piles.