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About Us

The Parsnipship makes unique and original vegetarian & vegan food for sale at farmers markets, food fairs, festivals and events. The company also supplies farmshops, delis, cafés and restaurants with their award winning handcrafted products – directly by courier and via Castell Howell and Blas ar Fwyd.

At the heart of the company is passion for creating innovative products and commitment to sustainable business practices.


Origins of The Parsnipship

We were inspired to start our business after years of being disappointed at the meagre offerings available for vegetarians and vegans when eating out, and the head-scratching bemusement amongst friends and family when called upon to cook for “those with special dietary requirements” (aka annoying visitors)…

Having worked in the catering industry for over 25 years, founder Ben Moss has developed a unique style of cooking and is passionate about creating wonderful vegetarian and vegan food. We hope that our creations come to your rescue whether you are a committed plant eater yourself, you want some quick and easy meals to feed the tricky eaters in your midst, or you just love good food!

In Ben’s words:

“In 2007, I set up the first stall at The Riverside Market in Cardiff, selling five different varieties of vegetarian pies. Pâtés, crumbles and other classically inspired inventions followed and because of the success we decided to spread the word by teaching the recipes and running a part of the business as a kind of ‘collective’. Nightmare! It was so hard to keep an eye on quality that we decided to dissolve that side of things and concentrate on what we do best…

…These days, here at The Parsnipship, we spend the week hand-crafting the finest vegetarian and vegan products in our kitchens in Ogmore Vale. We strive to be original, provocative & pack our creations with big, punchy flavours.”

We’d like to thank all our customers who have braved the elements at markets and events for years…without you, The Parsnipship would have long ago floundered to the bottom of the Bristol Channel!

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