The Parsnipship's Beetroot Bombs

Beetroot Bombs – Exploding with Flavour!

Some young neighbours (14 and 16 year old brothers) of ours told us a couple of years ago that they like making stop motion animations – so we asked them if they wanted a little project to work on…

Off they went with our camera and tripod, some materials we bought for them – modelling clay, felt, embroidery thread etc and sometime later returned to us with their wonderful creation. We were astonished at the work they had put into their film and the quality of the finished article…Ben, The Parsnipship’s founder added a bit of voice over at the end – but the charming soundtrack throughout is all their own too.

Taking inspiration from their exploration of our business and our products, they have created the most amazing little ad for our Beetroot Bomb which we use on our social media from time to time and just watch when we need to remind ourselves of the fun side of running a food business.

Let us know what you think of  it…